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Genetic Counseling 

One-on-one patient telehealth session with a certified genetic counselor.

*Click Here to order genetic counseling.  

A noninvasive screen for 193 genetic conditions to give early insight into newborn health. 

Hereditary Cancer Screening 

A comprehensive 34-gene panel that identifies inherited risks for at least 8 types of cancers, giving you more information to make better treatment and management decisions.

Expanded Carrier Screening

A comprehensive and accurate carrier screen for more than 280 inherited conditions. 

Noninvasive prenatal testing (NIPT)

A simple blood test that gives meaningful insight into baby’s health as early as 9 weeks into pregnancy.

Pharmacogenetic Genotyping Panel

Panel tests designed to detect allelic and copy number variants in drug response genes that are clinically actionable or informative on multiple medications.   This test is intended to help physicians make therapeutic decisions for selected medications that are indicated for patients with targeted disorders.  Comprehensive and specialty/condition specific panels are available: 

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