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About Us


Our focus is on serving rural communities.   We believe  rural healthcare delivery should have the resources available to access cutting-edge genomic medicine for their patients…  regardless of their geographic location or financial resources.  


Too often, access to the world-class genomic and clinical resources needed to support genomic medicine are unavailable outside of major metropolitan centers with larger healthcare and financial resources.   We focus on integrating rural communities with rigorously vetted genomic research, education, counseling, and testing services.  Our promise is a program that is easy and supportive for providers every step of the way.


We affiliate with such world-class genomics organizations such as Mount Sinai Genetics and Icahn Institute for Data Science and Genomic Technology, the Translational Genomics Research Institute, and the HeroGene Project. We deliver the ability to access dozens of vetted genetic labs based on our analysis of your clinical data, your provider preferences, and stringent best practice protocols and established national standards from organizations such as the WIN Consortium, and NCCN guidelines (just to reference Oncology alone).

Our Mission

The Rural Genomic Cooperative aims to remedy gaps in equal access to the latest advancements in Genomics and to facilitate collaboration between rural health providers to share information, have a “seat at the table” in best practices development, and share practical insights and guidelines for the successful implementation of applied genomic medicine in a rural setting; stressing enhancements to their everyday clinical practice without undue dependence on distant centers of genomic opinion and expertise.   


The Rural Genomic Cooperative provides focused solutions for Rural Populations and Providers, alongside practical guidance to assist physicians and patients in making critical decisions and then navigating the processes leading up to—and following from—appropriate genetic testing.


Benefits of being a member of the Rural Genomics Cooperative include:

·         Easy access to vetted labs and genetic counselors

·         End-to-end genetic testing & counseling services (pre-test, post-test, financial, familial, etc.)

·         Specialty-specific offerings including behavioral health, pediatrics, obstetrics, and oncology

·         Opportunities for patients and providers to participate in properly consented data sharing and cooperative research opportunities

·         Potential for funded grants and collaborative activities

·         Educational opportunities & traveling lecture series for providers and patients

·         Information about—and access to—the latest in vetted research outcomes and proven treatment options.

Why We Do It

We believe that genomic medicine has enormous potential to fundamentally change the way we understand, diagnosis, and treat disease.  We are evangelical about bringing this potential to rural communities.  We are deeply concerned, however, that Direct to Consumer (DTC) companies that bypass physician involvement along with the hype and hyperbole around the early promise of genomics have combined to create a “wild west” environment that fosters misunderstanding and distrust. By not representing any single genetic lab and not participating financially in any testing revenue or receiving any compensation from labs, the Rural Genomic Cooperative engenders an environment of trust and collaboration and restores physicians to the critical role they need to play in the patient engagement process. 


Rural Genomics Cooperative is the only comprehensive genetic testing facilitator focused specifically on the needs of rural healthcare delivery. Providers practicing at Rural Health Clinics (RHC) and Critical Access Hospitals (CAH) face distinct challenges not experienced in other environments.   This unique environment, however, is well positioned to leverage the advantages of the latest developments in genomic medicine and deliver enhanced care to the patients and communities we all serve.  

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